Saturday, 23 December 2017

Have Fun With GOOGLE

Type the following in google search box to see the different games and fun
1. do a barrel roll

2. google gravity  (click the first link and it will shower the letters)

3. Flip a coin

4. Roll a die

5. Click the dianoser image when there is no internet and play the game

6. for fidget spinner in the google
type spinner

for the number spin you can toggle to number

7. type fun facts in google search box to learn unlimited tit bits

8. Pack Man to play the game

9. atari breakout (google images) (you can play only in PC)

10. tic tac toe

Interactive Video Creation - Online Free Website

Any teacher can use videos along with the EDpuzzle super-powers to engage your students and improve their grades. 

Please explore more. Its an excellent free online platform to engage and gauge the students learning behavior.  

Edpuzzle helps the academician to handle the following learninga ctivities for free:

1. Create and customize a class
2. Upload videos from the desktop or other online resources
3. Allows Video cut options
4. Allows to set the interactive quizzes (MCQ, TRUE/FALSE, Fill in the blanks and short Answers)
5. Quantifies the duration of video watch for each and every candidates.
6. Auto evaluates MCQ/True,False/Fill-ups etc.
7. Gives us learning analytics reports

Click Here...EDpuzzle for engaged learning experience

Free Online Courses

Do you really want to professionally grow and develop yourself and looking to enhance your skills and expertise? Find below the list of website having numbers of courses and resources you can access totally free of cost. Happy Learning...

The trained things are
Presentation tube recover, tipcam, Moodlecloud. Very useful for preparing our own content
12 sites teach coding free